Seven Steps to Optimize NoRBS and Earn Double Commission

We’ve talked a lot about NoRBs, or new or reactivated buyers, here at EPN a lot lately. NoRBs are shoppers who haven’t purchased from eBay in the past 12 months (or ever). These buyers are valuable, and to reward our partners for bringing this new traffic to eBay, we double your commission for all qualified sales you drive completed by a shopper who hasn’t purchased from eBay in the past 12 months.

We know attracting a new audience can sound daunting - and we’re here to help. Below are seven steps you can take to attract new buyers to eBay through your site and boost your income.

Step one: Do your homework

Start with the basics. Learn which categories, pages and listings produce the most new or reactivated  buyers with your Transaction Download Report (TDR). In the TDR, you can see which transactions come from NoRBs by using the ‘user frequency’ column (any user with a frequency of ‘1’).

Step two: Show up where your buyers search

Understand where these new or reactivated buyers are online by implementing best practices for SEO, or search engine optimization. If you’re not familiar with SEO, we recommend Moz’s beginner's guide. Ready for more advanced tips and tricks? We’ve got you covered with strategies to improve your site’s SEO.

Step three: Get social

A social media presence is essential in 2019, and many successful affiliates have a strategy to attract shoppers who could convert to new or reactivated buyers. When putting together your plan, consider your audience, which platforms they’re on, and how much time you can dedicate to updating that channel. For more social media tips, click here.

Step four: Try targeted email campaigns

We’ve found email marketing is one of the best ways to activate or reactivate buyers. Start by creating a list of visitors who have clicked through but haven’t purchased, and create an email campaign for that audience. For example, you could start by sharing products featured on eBay’s deal page. If you’re new to email campaigns, check out this article from Medium. Even though there are many of these tools available today, make sure to pick the one that’s best for you - your budget, schedule, what features you want and more

Step five: Test out new categories

One way to attract new traffic is to promote categories that are new to you and your audience. If you primarily feature women’s clothing, you could try showing products in similar categories, such as handbags, jewelry, or even health. Check out all categories to get ideas of how you could branch out.

Step six: Get the right visuals

eBay is a big brand known globally, and how we show up matters to shoppers. We’ve customized logos, banners and more for you to use on your site. Cater to natural eye movement by adding logos in the upper left corner, and use banners to organize your content. Download assets made just for our partners on our website.

Step seven: Experiment with incentives

Sometimes an incentive will help convert a prospective customer. Incentives such as cash back, giveaways, or credits are great ways to convert quickly. For example, you could provide an eBay gift card, and your newly converted shopper can apply it to one of your promoted listings. Also make sure you’re promoting the latest coupons, sales and events.

Using all or a mix of these steps can help you attract and convert valuable traffic - all while earning you double commissions on qualified sales.

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